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Avoid the hamper hassle

Live life unhampered with fewer errands, half the dry-cleaning bills*, and your favorite clothes always ready to wear. Caring for your wardrobe just got way more convenient.

Watch Now *Replacing one-half of trips to the dry-cleaner with the Swash system.

Try it risk free!

45-Day Risk Free Trial**
Free Shipping & Returns
**Proof of purchase required. Limited to SWASH device orders placed on or placed over the phone with a SWASH Care Expert. †Limited to SWASH device orders placed on or placed over the phone with a SWASH Care Expert.

The SWASH system
saves 3 ways

  • Saves You Time

    Garments look their best in as little as 10 minutes*

  • Saves You Money

    Cut your dry-cleaning bills by 50%**

  • Saves Your Clothes

    Doesn’t wash away dyes or cause pilling or fading

  • Explore some of the clothes you can put
    in the SWASH system

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  • *Heavier garments may require 15 minutes
  • **Replacing one half of dry-cleaner
    visits with the SWASH system
  • *Washed and dried 1 time in a traditional washer & dryer and 6 times
    with the SWASH system
  • **Washed and dried 7 times in a traditional washer & dryer
  • removes light wrinkles
    for a clean look

  • neutralizes odor
    and leaves clothes
    smelling clean

  • restores the fit
    to your clothes that’s
    lost after wear

  • extends the life of
    your clothes

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Intuitive Light System

A series of white, blue, and orange lights
count down cycle lengths and completions,
and signals when an error has occured.

Adjustable Hanger

The adjustable hanger expands and
contracts, making it easy to hang items, no
matter the size or clothing type.

Smoothing Clips

Experiment using Smoothing Clips with
each item of clothing to provide the
right amount of tension for maximum
wrinkle release.


Neutralize odors and leave clothes smelling clean and refreshed. It's easy to set up a subscription and enjoy home delivery as often as you choose. Select Awaken, Recharge, Unwind, and Sensitive varieties and get free shipping for orders over $25!

Installation is easy!

  • Place it where you have access to your wardrobe
  • Power it into a standard grounded electrical outlet (120v) – no plumbing, pipes, or vents needed


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