Coming home just got easier

When you get home from a trip and start unpacking, the last thing you want to do is laundry. With the SWASH® System, you won’t have to re-wash clean clothes that have shared space with dirty laundry, or waste time ironing and steaming slightly wrinkled items.


Revive the clothes in your suitcase

This revolutionary clothing care system neutralizes odors and removes light wrinkles to extend wear between washes or trips to the dry cleaner. Let the SWASH® System take the travel out of your clothes when you don’t want to pull out the steamer or iron.

Remove light wrinkles

“I bought another one for our getaway home.”
“I love offering houseguests the chance to use it.”

Now you no longer need to stop at the dry cleaner after every weekend getaway, tropical vacation or business trip. The SWASH® System’s gentle care even helps extend the life of your clothes by putting an end to unnecessary and excessive washing, drying, ironing and steaming.

Bring home the SWASH® System today to make caring for your travel clothes easy and efficient.