It’s about time.

Take your clothes from in-between to looking clean in just 10 minutes.


Wear what you want, when you want.

You shouldn’t have to compromise style for convenience. Gentle care helps extend the life of your clothes, so you can re-wear them with confidence.

Restore fit lost to wear

Help preserve detailed or delicate items

Goodbye, unexpected shrinking, pilling or worrying over clothes. Hello, hot stuff.

Real stories. Real confidence.
Hear how SWASH® System owners look and feel their best.

SWASH® Stories: Design Professionals Mack & Lindsey

SWASH® Stories: Fitness Expert Nikki Glor

SWASH® Stories: Teacher & Coach Dan Wolff

“I can't say enough about the time saving.”
“Now I wear clothes that I would never wear because it was such a pain to get them dry cleaned.”
“It has already greatly reduced my dry cleaning bill.”
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