It’s about time.

Take your clothes from in-between to looking clean in just 10 minutes.


Break habits, not the bank.

You want to look your best, but those frequent trips to the cleaners are starting to add up. Cut your dry cleaning bills in half* with an innovative approach to clothing care.

*By using the SWASH® System in place of half your dry cleaning visits.

Save money by reducing dry cleaning

Goodbye, outrageous dry cleaning bill. Hello, money in my pocket.

Real stories. Real savings.
Hear how SWASH® System owners are able to reduce dry cleaning bills.

SWASH® Stories: Marketing Executive Ed Starr

SWASH® Stories: Radio Personality Skeery Jones

SWASH® Stories: Radio Show Host Oscar Santana

“I can't say enough about the time saving.”
“Now I wear clothes that I would never wear because it was such a pain to get them dry cleaned.”
“It has already greatly reduced my dry cleaning bill.”
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