People are raving about this laundry innovation

Have you ever wished for a more efficient way to care for those clothes that aren’t really dirty but could use a refresh? Or a gadget that would take care of light wrinkles with the touch of a button? Get to know the SWASH® System, the innovative clothing care system your whole household will love.


The hands-free gadget your laundry room needs

This revolutionary clothing care technology neutralizes odors and removes light wrinkles to extend wear between washes or trips to the dry cleaner. See why current SWASH® System owners use it on a daily basis and consider it a must-have to keep clothes looking their best.

SWASH® Stories: Radio Show Host Oscar Santana

“A complete gamechanger.”
“Best new invention in the last few years.”

Now you can say goodbye to excessive washing, ironing and trips to the dry cleaner. The SWASH® System’s combination of technologies delivers fabric care results never before achievable at home in just 10 minutes. With this gadget, you’ll look smart—and so will your clothes.

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