Smell fresh, not like last night’s meal

If you’re a cooking enthusiast or home chef, you’re likely familiar with the dilemma: what do you do with clothes that are clean but have retained the lingering odors of dinners past? Thanks to the SWASH® System, now you don’t have to wash them to get the smell out.


Remove cooking odors from your clothes

Many favorite cooking techniques and ingredients create strong smells. While you love the dishes they create, you’d rather avoid the scent of fish, garlic or strong spices in your clothes. See how the SWASH® System neutralizes those odors so you can refresh without washing.

SWASH® Stories: Private Chef Danielle Saunders

“I love the way the clothes look and smell.”
“Freshens fabulously!”

Whether you’ve been grilling out or frying on the stove, your clothes no longer have to give you away. The SWASH® System gets rid of odors in just 10 or 15 minutes, making it the perfect last step when preparing to entertain or host holiday meals.

Order the SWASH® System today to quickly and easily refresh your clothes between washes.