How it works

See how the SWASH® System refreshes clothes with just the touch of a button, so you can re-wear with confidence.

See how 10-minute clothing care works


Gentle tension provides precise fiber alignment
SWASH PODS formula relaxes fabric fibers
Clothes dry quickly to aid in dewrinkling


Alkaline pH levels neutralize odor molecules
Rapid Thermal Drying carries odor molecules away
SWASH PODS formula leaves a fresh scent


Over time, wear stretches out fabric fibers
SWASH PODS formula penetrates and restores fibers
Rapid Thermal Drying tightens fibers without shrinking


Gentle formula doesn’t wash away dyes
Cycle prevents stress that leads to pilling and fiber loss
Optimal heat exposure guards against damage

Works on your favorite clothes

The SWASH® System is gentle on clothes so it’s perfect for everyday items and hard-to-care-for fabrics.*

*Not recommended for leather, velvet, suede, silk or fur.
How to hang garments
Skirts & Shorts
Jeans & Pants
Button-Down Shirts
carton height 53.50"
product weight 80.00 lbs.
depth 30.00"
carton width 18.50"
width 16.50"
Real stories. Real results.
Don’t take it from us. Hear from current SWASH® System owners to see how it helped change their lives.

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