What types of clothing and fabrics can the SWASH system work on?

Use the SWASH system on a wide array of clothing like shirts, sweaters, embellished items, pants, dresses, shorts, athletic apparel, skirts, and undergarments.

The SWASH system is safe on virtually all fabrics, like denim, wool, polyester, lycra, and cotton, as well as hard-to-care-for favorites like cashmere, sequins, delicate beading and lace. The SWASH system is not recommended for leather, velvet, suede, silk, and fur.

Does the SWASH system remove stains?

The SWASH system occupies the “third space” of laundry care, so while it doesn’t remove stains from clothes, it does provide the benefits of dewrinkling, refreshing, restoring and preserving in just 10 or 15 minutes. Nearly 80% of the clothes that go through a wash / dry cycle have no visible soil!* Just as a microwave oven isn’t ideal for slow cooking foods, the SWASH system is not for all types of clothing care.

*Based on Consumer Survey 2011
Can I use a SWASH PODS cup more than once?

Each item of clothing requires only one SWASH PODS cup for each cycle so there’s never any measuring or uncertainty about the right amount to use. When the cycle is complete, simply remove the SWASH PODS cup and discard.

Where in the house do I place the SWASH system?

The SWASH system is designed to fit into your life, and you can put it almost anywhere in your home. Placing it in close proximity to your clothes, like in a walk-in closet or bedroom makes the SWASH system even more convenient to use.

It comes in two colors, shadow and linen, so there’s no problem in matching your room’s décor.

What is required to install the SWASH system?

Using the SWASH system is as easy as plugging it into a standard wall outlet. The SWASH system uses a standard, 120-volt wall outlet, with no water or special hook-ups required. No plumbing, pipes, vents, or professional installation is needed.

What type of warranty is included?

The SWASH system is backed by a 1 year limited warranty. Visit swash.com for complete warranty details. The SWASH system also has a robust Owner Center, to help you get the most out of your experience.

Is it Energy Saver compliant?